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In accordance with the current regulations set by the Province of Manitoba for the second phase of opening during the Covid 19 crisis, below are the current guidelines we need to abide by.   I can appreciate that this may be difficult to manage and accept, however, I trust this is a temporary measure.  The situation we currently live in is a fluid event, all rules and guidelines are evolving.  We will continue to communicate as the province moves through the various phases. Phase three is planned for no sooner that June 21st.   


What is important to recognize is not only could individuals face personal fines by not following these current guidelines but PYC could be fined in addition to being closed.  

Please govern yourselves, accordingly. Be respectful of others, be respectful of our members that are vulnerable and be respectful of our club. 

  1. Clubhouse Access:
    1. The clubhouse is officially closed until we are advised of the 3rd phase protocol.  As we do not have paid staff we are unable to manage the regulations currently in place;
    2. The north deck and south deck are open for access;
    3. The BBQ is accessible;

        The conditions for use of the decks and BBQ are as follows:

  1. Provide your own sanitation products;
  2. After use; clean and sanitize tables and chairs;
  3. Provide your own BBQ utensils;
  4. Provide your own dishes and cutlery;
  5. Maintain social distancing
  6. The basement bathrooms will be accessible;

       The conditions for use of those facilities are as follows;

  1. Provide your own sanitation products;
  2. Provide your own toiletry products;
  3. Sanitize after use;
    1. We are cancelling the races that are scheduled for the month of June;
    2. We will revisit the race schedule once the 3rd phase has been announced;
      1. We are cancelling all social events for the month of June;
      2. We will revisit the social schedule once the 3rd phase has been announced;


Thank you to all PYC members for your understanding during these unusual times.  Your executive will be meeting again immediately after the 3rd phase in order to adjust according to provincial guidelines.

Best of health to you and yours.


Susan Baird, Commodore, Pelican Yacht Club